Children’s Dream Fund



   The Children’s Dream Fund was established in April 2001
   by the Parliamentary League to Consider the Future of
   Children, formed by nonpartisan national assembly
   members of both houses based on their desire to establish
   a meaningful fund for the future of young people.

   To promote the healthy development of the next generation,
   with all their dreams and responsibilities for the future, the
   fund supports private organization projects such as  
 nature camps, science experiment  classes, and other experiential learning activities, reading
   activities such as a picture book  reading, and development and promotion of children’s

1. Subsidizing projects

      (1) Subsidized activities

  1) Experiential learning for young people

       -Nature experiences such as camps and nature observation

       -Scientific experiences such as science experiment classes

       -Cleanups and other social volunteer experiences

       -Internship at local shopping areas and in agriculture and fisheries

       -Exchange activities through culture, arts, sports, etc.

  2) Book readings for young people

      -Readings, reading circle activity, etc.

  3) Development and promotion of children’s textbooks

      -Development and promotion of digital textbooks capable of being used
    online, etc.


       (2) Subsidized organizations

      Private organizations working on youth education activities, such as a general
  incorporated foundations, general corporations, specified nonprofits, and
  non-corporate local groups

  -Private groups such as clubs that run youth education activities


2. Promotion and awareness raising

   Promoting and raising awareness for disseminating experiential learning and
   reading activities for youths