• Developing Model Programs for Youth Education

    1. Developing Model Programs for Youth Education

    • Nature Experiential Learning Programs Experiential Learning Programs
    • (1)Long-Term Nature Experiential Learning Programs That Foster Rich Humanity

      We conduct long-term nature experience programs for more than 1 week to help young people realize the greatness of nature and the importance of cooperating with their friends.

      (2)Experiential Learning Programs to Support Young People Facing Difficulties

      We conduct specialized experiential learning programs for children facing difficulties, such as bullying, truancy, withdrawal, or internet addiction.

    2. Promoting International Exchange of Youths

    In collaboration with relevant organizations, we engage in activities to promote mutual exchanges between youths, or youth education leaders, as well as to promote experiential exchanges that enhance the understanding of different cultures for youth.

    • Japan-Germany Youth leaders Exchange Program
    • Japan-Germany Working Youth Exchange Program
    • Japan-Germany University Students Exchange Program
    • The children exchange program with Micronesian Islands
    • Japan-Korea University Students Exchange Program
    • Japan-Korea High School Students Exchange Program
    • NIYE Junior Program with ASEAN
    • International Youth Exchange Program to Celebrate the New Year in Japan
    • Japan-China-Korea Children’s Story Exchange

    We have signed the exchange agreement with Korea Youth Work Agency in 2012, and have been engaged in the youth exchange program and the staff exchange program.


    Training for Improving the Quality of Youth Educational Leaders

    • training programs
    • We offer training programs that target educators at youth education facilities or youth groups, as well as faculty training programs (such as seminars on renewing teaching licenses).

    • Experiential Learning
    • (1)Taiken no Kaze” Campaign (Campaign to Encourage Children to Participate in Experiential Learning Activities)

      We promote “Taiken no kaze” campaign (Campaign to encourage children to participate in experiential learning activities), collaborating with other youth organizations, to enhance the momentum to conduct experiential learning activities throughout society.

    • Proper exercise
    • (2) “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, and Eat Breakfast” Campaign

      Proper exercise, balanced diet, and sufficient rest and sleep are important for children to grow healthy.
      We promote “Early to bed, early to rise, and eat breakfast” campaign to establish such basic lifestyle habits for children.