• Guide to facility use

    1. Organizations and Groups That Can Use Our Facilities

    Schools, youth groups, sports organizations, clubs, circles, community children’s associations, companies,family members, and other organizations that engage in youth education activities, and that satisfies the following conditions, can use our facilities.

    An adult or adolescent has been designated as a responsible person.
    There are specific training objectives and training plans.
    *We give a priority to youth groups and youth education groups.

    Not only Japanese, but also people from various countries and regions can use the facilities. We welcome a variety of uses, such as study tours, mountain climbing and hiking tours, sports training camps, and volunteer tours.

    2. Rates (As of October 1, 2019)

    1. Facility use: Free
      *Groups for general use: 810 yen per stay per person
    2. Washing fee (bed linens, etc., per set): 300 yen
    3. Meal price: approximately 1,700 yen for three meals
      • *For youths in junior high school or higher levels who eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the cafeteria
      • *Meal prices differ among facilities.
      • *Contact the facility you plan to use for more details.
      • *Rates for the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center are different from the above. See the website for details.

    3. Applying for Use

    1. Call each facility (see Facility Guide for phone numbers), or reserve from its website.
      Guide of Our 28 Facilities *Online reservation is not available for some facilities. The dates of use and number of people using the facility will be checked.
    2. Submit an application. (Details are provided when contacting via (1))
    3. The facility will return a reservation confirmation.
    4. Coordinate or consult the activity programs. Application methods may differ depending on the type of group or period of use.
    *For more details, refer to the website of the facility that you plan to use, or contact it directly by phone.

    4. Facilities Function

    • ■National Youth Friendship Center, National Youth Outdoor Learning Center Accommodation facility, seminar/conference rooms, outdoor activity facilities, sports facilities (multipurpose field, gymnasium), camp ground, outdoor cooking area, restaurant, store, baths, etc.
      (*Differs with facility)

    • ■National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Accommodation facility, seminar/conference rooms, large/small halls, rehearsal rooms, music rooms, drama room, art room, craft room, tatami room, gymnastics rooms, tennis courts, swimming pool, international conference room, reception hall, restaurant, store, baths, coin laundry, Internet service, service center (copiers, fax, parcel service, cloakroom, etc.), parking lot, etc. Feel free to directly contact each facility for inquiries or reservations.