Message from the President


Miyuki Suzuki,President 



Hello everyone.I am Miyuki Suzuki,President of National Institution for Youth Education.


Youths today who are living lives of abundance and convenience have a lack of personal experiences involving nature and real life. Our institution, operating at 28 educational institutions nationwide, runs unique activities that take advantage of local characteristics and offers youths opportunities to receive a variety of experiences necessary at levels of growth from infancy to adolescence. Through these activities, we help young people develop healthy bodies, receptive souls, and the motivation and skills to meet challenges they will face in life. We also run social activities such as the Taiken no kaze o okosou (Let’s create a wind of experience)movement aimed at expanding young people’s experiences with all of society.

Despite the strict financial circumstances confronting our government, we directors and employees intend to work with self-awareness and responsibility and strive toward sound development of youths who will carry the weight of our nation’s future.

We sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support.


Miyuki Suzuki, President